The DigitalFuture Summit '18

Represented companies

Highlights of DFS '18

Google Workshop

How can Design Thinking improve user experience?

‘Focus on the user and everything else will follow.’ We use this mantra to bring innovative solutions to life through the generation of user insights, continuous iteration and ultimately the creation of prototypes.


Accenture Masterclass

How does enhancing customers’ lives enhance your business?

Accenture Interactive believes that when companies are at the heart of their users and consumers, they are at the heart of creating a great business. It’s obvious to observe this within the start-up scene but what does that mean for global players? How can they create an environment of agile operations, technology and culture that allows for such a customer/user-centric business?


Zalando Workshop

What does Procurement in the Digital Era entail and how does it change?

Digitalization is changing the way procurement will evolve in the next years. In 2017, Forbes Magazine placed the question “Will Procurement Be The Hottest Job Of The Decade?”. We believe it will as this job requires a wide range of competencies to master the digital journey. What are the capabilities required for Buyers in the Digital Era?