The focus of the DigitalFuture Summit '18

Our focus is defined by digital trends determining your early career success.

Get in contact with leading experts.

Enrich your knowledge, network, and accelerate your career.

This year, the conference will mainly focus on three clusters:

 Enhancing Life

 Transforming Industries

 Providing Security

 Building blocks  '18


Listen to the views and forecasts of leading executives about the future of digitalization.

Panel discussions

Discussion of recent market trends and expected developments in the field of digitalization.

Master Classes

Interactive sessions given by experts in the field of digitalization allowing students to interact with speakers and asking advanced questions.


Direct engagement with attendees, helping them to learn more about digitalization through case studies, discussion of problems, or presentations.


12th July 2018

Participants will be introduced to the three main topics of the Summit: Enhancing Life, Transforming Industries and Providing Security. The day will start with a keynote held by a prominent executive of a leading firm in the Tech industry and it will continue with a series of masterclasses in which attendees will have the opportunity to directly interact with experts in digitalization. Don't miss your chance to deep-dive into these topics and learn from key industry leaders! But, the fun is not over yet! This year's DFS includes a BBQ Networking Session, where participants can connect with key industry leaders and panel speakers about current digital trends! We believe that the best way to network is while enjoying some beer!


13th July 2018

After gaining theoretical knowledge about digitalization, it is time to get your hands dirty! The second day will mainly be focused on providing attendees with practical activities. In fact, after a welcome keynote speech, participants will have the possibility to participate in workshops held by leading companies throughout the whole day. They will have the opportunity to face case studies, discuss real examples of problems faced by industries and assist to insightful presentations. Also, don't forget to bring your CV and business cards with you! The Career Booths at DFS 2018 will help you get that dream job you've been waiting for! Large international firms will be on campus scouting for the best talents! This is an event you DON'T want to miss!
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Represented companies  '18

and many more still to come...


Our team is currently organizing the DFS '18 to provide you with an amazing experience