June 23, 2017

ESMT Berlin

Why attend

Participants have many opportunities to profit from the DigitalFuture Summit. We offer you a unique learning experience and information exchange with exciting panel discussions, inspiring keynotes and hands-on workshops. Sign-up, it’s free of charge for students!

Who we are

We are a group of highly motivated ESMT Berlin Master’s in Management students and are dedicated to hosting this special event at ESMT Berlin, in one of the world’s most vibrant and dynamic cities.

What we do

We are organizing a student conference – the DigitalFuture Summit – bringing together excellent students, world-class academics and prestigious corporate representatives to connect today’s business world with the future of digitalization.

What we want

Digitalization has already changed and will further change the business world – therefore, it is crucial to bring together academia, industry, entrepreneurs and students to discuss its impact and envision the future. We aim to become a trailblazer, fostering the knowledge of young high-potentials on digitalization.

Hands-on approach 


Besides fixed program points, participants will have the opportunity to customize the program according to their interests. Students can sign-up for different workshops and case studies providing a dynamic and exciting experience. Interacting with today’s leaders of digitalization in small groups offers a unique opportunity to network.



Concise keynotes enable several speakers to set out their view on digitalization in a short time. Some of the established leaders in industry and research will share their experience and knowledge on the topic and will build a common understanding of the information you need to be part of the future of digitalization.

Panel discussions


Bringing together academia with established industry leaders, innovative software companies and disruptive entrepreneurs will foster discussions and an environment of active information exchange. Be ready for exciting discussions, challenging each other views on today’s business world and the future of digitalization.

 DigitalFuture Summit MiM Scholarship

The DigitalFuture Summit MiM Scholarship is a unique opportunity for participants of the DigitalFuture Summit at ESMT Berlin, who consider to study the ESMT Master's in Management (MiM) program. It is our utmost pleasure to offer two scholarships of €10,000 each for outstanding applicants, who have attended the DigitalFuture Summit at ESMT Berlin and have applied and got accepted for the MIM program in one of the two years following his / her participation in the DigitalFuture Summit. At least one of the DigitalFuture Summit MiM Scholarships will be awarded to a female candidate.

DigitalFuture Summit 2017

Digital Business Transformation

In times of the digital age, companies around the world experience unique market place challenges affecting decision making within all business segments. In order to capitalize the underlying potential, companies have started rethinking their business activities and value proposition to the customer. To the majority, companies are still at the beginning of this transformational process. This conference will give insight into corporate perspectives from various industries on digital technologies.

Digital Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs around the world try to take advantage of the digital world in order to make a great business. Leveraging digital capabilities allows the introduction of innovative business models and disruption of existing markets. The goal of this conference will be to explore different kinds of digital entrepreneurship that have emerged over the recent years.  

First speakers and workshop partners will be announced soon – subscribe and follow us on social media to always be up to date.